What is ParkinsonAI?

ParkinsonAI is a Smart Phone App which, provides a unique and easily accessible solution for self-diagnosing and tracking Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms using it’s bleeding edge Artificial Intelligence (AI). ParkinsonAI leverages a Smart Phone’s built-in Compass, Gyroscope, Accelerometer sensors to administer a series of simple tests on the patient. ParkinsonAI’s Diet and Exercise Plans help with inhibiting the disease over time. ParkinsonAI help track and analyze the progression of Parkinson’s Disease on a regular basis (daily monthly/yearly). ParkinsonAI actively assists the patient in fighting against Parkinson’s Disease while, also self-diagnosing symptoms of Parkinson disease using a Smart Phone’s sensors with it’s highly advanced Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. ParkinsonAI’s features include

  • Parkinson disease diagnosis on a Smart-Phone
  • Track Disease progression
  • Diet plans
  • Easy Exercise Routine