How it Works?

Download ParkinsonAI App

Download ParkinsonAI App on Google Play Store OR Apple App Store.


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Conduct Tremor Test

Hold the Smart Phone for about a minute – The device will capture the tremor data by leveraging the phone’s sensors with it’s AI.

Conduct Posture Test

Put the smart device in your front pocket and make sure that, it’s not tilted. The App will collect all the necessary data regarding the patient’s posture.

Conduct Finger Tapping Test

Tap on the screen button for 30 seconds.

Generate Test Results

Once all the tests are successfully self-administered, ParkinsonAI analyzes your data and generates diagnostic results.

Track Disease Progression

Download ParkinsonAI App on Google Play Store OR Apple App Store.

Diet & Exercise Plans

Get help in inhibiting Parkinson’s Disease.

Creating an account on ParkinsonAI by downloading it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store is super easy and takes less than a minute. ParkinsonAI requires the user to self-administer only 3 simple tests, which can be performed on any modern day Smart Phone – Tremor, Posture and Finger Tap tests leveraging it’s bleeding edge AI technology. ParkinsonAI’s proprietary Machine Learning (ML) algorithms automatically classify the user as a Parkinson’s Disease patient or a controlled subject by measuring the intensity and frequency of symptoms with a certain degree of accuracy. User can also track disease progression by conducting these tests at a certain periodic interval. ParkinsonAI’s Diet and Exercise Plans help with inhibiting Parkinson’s Disease over time.