ForexAITrader is a fully autonomous trading robot for the Forex Markets. It is fully aware of ever changing dynamics of the Forex markets at all times. Due to the volatile nature of the Forex markets, no human can crunch vast arrays of numbers and graphs to predict the Forex markets. That’s where ForexAITrader steps in to fill this gap.

Backed with its custom/proprietary advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, ForexAITrader has grown in a fashion that, it supports multiple trading strategies simultaneously. Based on many man-years of research and knowledge in the Forex and Artificial Intelligence (AI) domains, ForexAITrader is the culmination of multiple and dynamic features for Artificial Intelligent trading on market prevalent strategies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enable the ForexAITrader to work as a smart agent which learns from its own decisions and their outcome. ForexAITrader analyzes and crunches various Currency Pair Trends and Patterns and predicts/recommends, which pairs will maximize your Return On Investment (ROI).